Legal Information

Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

Nicegram is committed to transparency and adherence to legal standards. It is essential for users to be aware of the legal framework that governs their use of the Nicegram app. This includes understanding the rights, responsibilities, and policies that ensure a safe and compliant user experience.

  1. Privacy Policy:

    • The Privacy Policy outlines how Nicegram collects, uses, and protects user data. It details the types of information gathered, usage practices, and users' rights regarding their personal information.

  2. End-User License Agreement (EULA):

    • The End-User License Agreement is a legal contract between Nicegram and its users. It stipulates the terms and conditions for using the app, including software usage rules, intellectual property rights, and liability limitations.

Understanding Compliance and User Responsibility:

  • It is crucial for users to read and understand these legal documents to ensure they are using Nicegram in compliance with its terms and policies.

  • Users are responsible for their conduct on the app and should use Nicegram in a manner that respects the rights and privacy of others.

  • Nicegram may update its legal documents from time to time. Users are encouraged to review these documents regularly to stay informed about any changes.

  • Continued use of the app following any updates signifies acceptance of the revised terms and policies.

  • Should you have any legal questions or concerns regarding Nicegram, please contact our support team at for assistance.


Being informed about the legal aspects of using Nicegram ensures a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We encourage all users to take the time to understand these legalities as part of their journey with Nicegram.


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