Referral System

Grow Your Network, Earn More with Nicegram Referrals

The Referral System in Nicegram is a strategic feature designed to reward users for expanding the Nicegram community. By inviting friends and acquaintances to join Nicegram, both the referrer and the new user benefit, fostering a growing network of connected users.

Key Aspects of the Nicegram Referral System:

  • Earn Gems for Referrals: When you invite someone to Nicegram, and they join using your referral link, you earn Gems as a reward.

  • Multi-Level Earning Potential: Not only do you earn Gems for direct referrals, but you also receive rewards for the activity of users brought in by your referrals, creating a multi-tiered earning structure.

    1. Basic Accounts: Standard users earn a 25% reward at each referral level.

    2. Premium Accounts: Earn a higher reward rate, with up to 50% in referral bonuses at both referral levels.

  • Simple Sharing Mechanism: Nicegram makes it easy to share your referral link via social media, email, or direct messaging, expanding your potential reach.

  • Tracking and Analytics: Monitor your referral success with in-app analytics, allowing you to see how many Gems youโ€™ve earned from referrals and how your network is growing.

  • Benefits for New Users: New users joining through a referral link often receive initial bonuses or special offers, making the invitation more appealing.

The Referral System is an integral part of Nicegramโ€™s approach to building a robust and interactive community, rewarding users for contributing to the appโ€™s growth.


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