Telegram Community Owners

Empower Your Telegram Channel with Nicegram

Overview for Telegram Community Owners

As a Telegram Community Owner, partnering with Nicegram opens up a wealth of opportunities to elevate your channel. From bypassing content restrictions to joining an innovative ambassador program, Nicegram is designed to enhance your community's reach and engagement.

Bypassing Content Restrictions

  • Unrestricted Access: With Nicegram, experience freedom from regional content restrictions on various types of groups, including politics, adult content, and more.

  • Unblock Guide: Refer to our How To Unblock Guide for easy access to all types of content.

Nicegram Ambassador Program

  • Join a Growing Community: As a Nicegram Ambassador, connect with a global user base of 2.8 million MAU.

  • Exclusive Promotion: Get featured on Nicegram’s website, app, and the upcoming Nicegram Hub – a comprehensive catalog of Telegram communities.

  • Rewards in Tokens: Earn Nicegram Tokens as a part of the ambassador program, with increased rewards for channels bringing in a high number of referrals.

Converting Audience to Referrals

  • Enhanced Referral System: Encourage your audience to join Nicegram by your referral link and earn tokens. The more referrals you bring, the greater the rewards.

  • Airdrop Opportunities: Leverage your community’s size to gain significant airdrops, multiplying rewards based on your referral success.

How to Apply

  • Send Your Application: Email us at with your channel details and how you plan to integrate and promote Nicegram.

  • Include Your Bio: Share your experience as a Telegram Community Owner and your vision for collaborating with Nicegram.


Joining the Nicegram platform as a Telegram Community Owner offers you an unparalleled opportunity to grow your channel, increase your influence, and earn rewards. Embrace the benefits of Nicegram and become a part of a thriving digital ecosystem.

Get Started: We’re excited to see how your channel can flourish with Nicegram. Apply today and start unlocking the full potential of your Telegram community.

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