How to Unblock Guide

Get Started with Unblocking Chats in Nicegram

Follow this straightforward guide to unblock chats in Nicegram and ensure a seamless messaging experience. Nicegram values your privacy and security, and our unblocking process is designed with this in mind.

Steps to Unblock Chats in Nicegram:

  1. Download the Nicegram App:

  2. Visit the Unblock Guide Website:

  3. Login with Telegram:

    • Use the “Login with Telegram” widget on the site. Rest assured, the Nicegram website cannot access your private data like your phone number or messages.

  4. Adjust Your Settings:

    • Once logged in, you’ll see toggle switches for various settings. Switch these toggles to change your chat blocking settings as desired.

  5. Save Your Changes:

    • After adjusting the settings, tap 'Save' to apply these changes.

  6. Restart Nicegram:

    • To ensure the changes take effect, fully close (kill) the Nicegram app and then reopen it.

Additional Information:

  • The unblocking process is user-friendly and respects your privacy.

  • Remember to restart the app for the changes to take effect immediately.

By following these steps, you can easily manage your chat visibility settings in Nicegram, tailoring your messaging experience to your preferences. For further assistance or inquiries, contact our support at

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