Nicegram Virtual Card

Your Key to Convenient Online Payments

The Nicegram Visa Card offers a seamless way to convert your cryptocurrency into a usable prepaid card balance, simplifying your online transactions. This card is ideal for those who prefer to use digital currencies for their online purchases, ranging from music and gaming services to app subscriptions like Apple, Spotify, and Steam.

Key Features of the Nicegram Visa Card:

  1. Crypto-Friendly Transactions:

    • Issue your card using cryptocurrency payments, catering to the needs of digital currency users.

    • Enjoy the simplicity of converting crypto into a spendable balance for your online shopping and subscriptions.

  2. No KYC Required:

    • Obtain the Nicegram Visa Card without the need for a Know Your Customer (KYC) process, ensuring quick and hassle-free issuance.

    • Ideal for users who value privacy and speed in their financial transactions.

  3. Flexible Loading Options:

    • Load your card with amounts ranging from 50 to 1000 euros, providing flexibility to suit different spending needs.

    • Manage your digital spending effectively, with a prepaid limit that helps control your expenses.

  4. Broad Online Acceptance:

    • Use the Nicegram Visa Card on a wide range of online platforms, including Apple, Spotify, Steam, and many others.

    • Experience the freedom of a Visa card accepted by numerous online retailers and service providers.

Issuing Your Nicegram Visa Card:

  • Issue your card directly through the Nicegram app by navigating to the 'Nicegram PST Visa Cards' pinned chat or the 'Explore' section in the Nicegram Assistant menu.

  • Choose to pay with your preferred cryptocurrency and select the amount you wish to load onto your card.

  • Follow the straightforward instructions to complete the issuance process and start using your card online right away.

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