🏁Nicegram's Roadmap

Evolving the Way We Connect, Engage, and Grow

1. Enhanced Referral System (Launching in Q4 2023)

  • Overview:

    • Nicegram is set to revamp its referral system, introducing a more dynamic and rewarding structure.

  • Development Focus:

    • Improving the referral process to make it more beneficial for both referrers and new users. Instant rewards will be given to new joiners, while referrers will receive increased benefits.

  • Benefits:

    • Accelerates user base growth and community engagement.

    • Provides immediate value to new users, enhancing their onboarding experience.

    • Encourages existing users to actively expand their network, fostering a stronger Nicegram community.

2. Nicegram Community Hub (Q1 2024)

  • Overview:

    • The Nicegram Community Hub aims to be the central point for discovering and interacting with various Telegram communities.

  • Development Focus:

    • Creating a user-centric platform that offers personalized community recommendations, targeted advertising options for community owners, and detailed analytics.

  • Benefits:

    • Users can easily find communities that align with their interests, leading to more meaningful engagement.

    • Community owners have access to robust tools for monetization and growth.

    • The Hub enhances the overall Telegram ecosystem, making it more vibrant and interconnected.

3. Social Score Integration (Q1 2024)

  • Overview:

    • Integrating a Social Score system to rate channels and groups within Nicegram, leveraging AI for accuracy and fairness.

  • Development Focus:

    • Developing a formula for calculating the 'Nice score', which will include AI bot detection to ensure authenticity and reliability.

  • Benefits:

    • Establishes a trust-based environment where users can confidently engage with channels and groups.

    • Helps in filtering out low-quality or spammy content, enhancing the user experience.

    • Aids users in making informed choices about which communities to join or interact with.

4. Nice Token Introduction (Q1 2024)

  • Overview: Launching the Nice Token as a part of Nicegram's ecosystem.

  • Development Focus: Integrating a digital currency to facilitate transactions and rewards within the app.

  • Benefits:

    • Simplifies in-app transactions, offering a seamless experience.

    • Encourages user participation and contribution through token-based rewards.

5. Wallet Version Alpha Release (Q1 2024)

  • Overview: Introducing a wallet feature for managing Nice Tokens and other digital assets.

  • Development Focus: Creating a secure and user-friendly wallet integrated into the Nicegram app.

  • Benefits:

    • Provides a convenient way for users to manage their digital currency.

    • Enhances the overall utility of Nicegram, making it a comprehensive platform for communication and transactions.


The upcoming features on the Nicegram roadmap are set to revolutionize the way users interact within the platform. From the enhanced referral system and the Community Hub to the introduction of Nice Tokens and an integrated wallet, Nicegram is committed to providing a comprehensive and enriched experience. Stay tuned for these updates and join us in this exciting new phase of Nicegram.

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