Nicegram Wiki

Key Features

Advanced Functionalities Beyond Standard Messaging
Nicegram takes the Telegram experience to new heights with advanced features tailored to meet a wide range of user needs. These enhancements are centered around improving usability, security, and user engagement, distinguishing Nicegram as a versatile and customizable messaging platform. Here's an overview of the key features that define Nicegram:
  • Unlimited Telegram Accounts: Seamlessly manage multiple Telegram profiles.
  • Access Blocked Telegram Groups: Gain entry to any group, bypassing regional blocks.
  • In-Chat Translator: Easily translate incoming and outgoing messages.
  • GPT-4 LLM AI Assistant: Intelligent chat assistance integrated into your conversations.
  • Double Bottom: A feature where the account that opens depends on the password entered, allowing discreet access to different profiles based on the password used.
  • Circle Video Conversion: Transform gallery videos into trendy circle formats.
  • Secret Chats: Hide your chats and access them through a secret menu.
  • Message Meta Information: View meta information about user messages.
  • View Deleted Messages: Display deleted messages in chats.
  • Show Edited Messages: Track original and edited versions of messages.
  • Bio Translation: Translate user bios within the app.
  • Call Confirmation Prompt: Confirmation before initiating calls to prevent accidental calls.
  • Quick Replies: Speed up your responses with preset messages.
  • Enhanced Privacy Features: Advanced options for secure communications.
  • Bulk Message Selection: Select all messages from a user in a chat with one click.
  • User Information Access: Retrieve the registration date and ID of Telegram users.
  • Anonymous Forwarding: Forward messages without revealing the original sender.
  • Direct Save to Messages: Instantly forward messages to your saved messages.
  • Interactive BIO Links: Clickable links in BIO, with the option to open in external browsers.
  • Customizable Cache Settings: Optimize app performance with tailored cache settings.
  • Convenient Chat Folders: Organize your chats with easy-to-access folders.
  • Hide Unused Tabs: Simplify your interface by hiding tabs you don't use.
  • Simplified UI Options: Option to hide Reactions and Stories for a cleaner look.
  • Automatic Circle Videos with Rear Camera: Create stylish circle videos automatically using the rear camera.
  • Send Messages with Enter Button: Effortlessly send your messages by pressing the Enter key.
  • Reply Privately Feature: Easily send private replies in group chats.
  • Immediate Auto Lock: Enhance security with an automatic lock feature that activates instantly.
  • In-Built Chinese UI Translations: Enjoy an intuitive user experience with Nicegram's user interface available in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
  • @MentionAll: Tag everyone in a chat effortlessly.
  • Easy Content Downloads: Download from groups quickly and easily.
  • Whisper OpenAI Speech-to-Text: Advanced voice recognition for message transcription.
  • In-App Image Generation (DALL·E 3): Create images directly within Nicegram.
  • Nicegram Profile Rewards: Unlock exclusive rewards and bonuses with your Nicegram profile.
  • Prepaid Nicegram Visa Card: Enjoy the convenience of a prepaid Visa card without KYC requirements.
With a commitment to innovation and a user-centric design philosophy, Nicegram ensures a superior messaging experience for its diverse user base.
For more detailed information on all Nicegram features, visit our Feature Detail Page.